Monday September 7th – Wednesday December 16th

Mondays 19:45-20:45

Wednesdays 19:30-20:30

  • 15 Weeks intensive high level training
  • 2 Days a Week
  • 30 hours of hardcore, fun, challenging and inspiring training
  • Lin Samuelsen Cardio Program
  • Lin Samuelsen High Intensive Challenge
  • Lin Samuelsen Power Training
  • Lin Samuelsen Booty Training
  • Lin Samuelsen Six Pack Attack
  • Lin Samuelsen Upper Body Build and Tone
  • Lin Samuelsen Leg Execution
  • I promise a full out energy class that will leave you on a natural high
  • Physical Test in the beginning of the Program, and at the end of the Program

This Power Program is not for beginners.

The level is high and it is recommended that you have training experience.

You don’t have to be in super shape to attend. But you need to be mentally prepared for a really hardcore challenge.

Price: 3775 Dkr.

NOTE! If you are also signed up for the VIP FITNESS REFORMER BOOTCAMP you will get a special discount and will be able to participate for only 2775:-